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    About Us

    Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sharothi Online a wing of Dynamic Travels is full service and leading travel and trek agency owned and managed by travel professionals, catering to both Inbound and Outbound Travelers. With over few years of experience in tourism, the Dynamic Travels is internationally known in the area of destination management and is proud to deliver superior travel products and services without compromising its great comfort, personalized service, style and value.   Realizing that in today's competitive marketplace, traditional travel management programs doesn't deliver the experience customers are looking for and In a bid to support the clients with a refreshing experience, Dynamic Travels developed it's Travel Portal www.sharothionline.com to extend the service to existing customers and partners so that they can select and complete the bookings online.   www.sharothionline.com is fully integrated with GDS system and other suppliers' incl. LCC Consolidators, Hotel suppliers etc and expect the portal to be scalable to add more services in future.


    Our trusted clients choose to travel with us because:

    EXPERIENCE: We have one decades of experience in effectively managing leisure as well as non-leisure travel.

    TRANSPARENCY: We work on a transparent pricing model.

    TECHNOLOGY: We are the only Travel Management company who have invested in self booking tools for our customers giving them complete freedom of choice, access to information and ability to book, amend and cancel online in real-time as per their needs.

    TRUST AND HONOUR: For us, numbers merely don't qualify as experience. The mere fact that we have been in the business for the last 12 years is not the only reason behind the trust and respect that our client have for us. It is journey comprising of highs and lows that has given us the experience to be professional in our endeavours and make our customers journeys the smoothest possible. We have won over 20 awards for our performance is accredited by IATA.

     OUR WAY

    Being a customer-centric organization, each of our employees are trained to keep our clients' needs in mind and give them top priority. Travelling can sometimes become distressing, but at Sharothi Online we endeaovour to make travelling as smooth and problem free as possible. Our values drive us to ensure that our clients disembark from planes or check out of hotels with a satisfying smile.

    Continuous development of our domain knowledge and investing in the latest technology is the way forward for Sharothi Online, while we also strive to be one of the best employers in the industry.

    i. Affordable Prices

    ii. Comprehensive Choices

    iii. Highest Quality Services

    iv. Customized Travel Plans

    v. Dedicated Account Managers

    vi. Commitment to Excellence